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We'll teach you how to use Qube Money and the power of digital cash envelopes to rise above living paycheck-to-paycheck, eliminate debt permanently, and experience more abundance, more joy, and more peace with money.

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Purpose and

Financial utopia, where intention and behavior meet.

The Order of

The step-by-step guide to win with money.

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Sometimes we cannot see the forest through the trees. Qube Masters for Christians reminded me where I am in the system, and what my core values are. When we get wrapped up in the moment and forget where we are on the path we lose sight of what our purpose is. When we have a strong 'why' for how we decide what is important, it helps us to remember what path in the forest we are on and where we want to go.

Tyson Bundy

Extensive and helpful to know my financial health.

Ava Cook-Wrice

I like the mix of financial lessons and focus on purpose within the content. The course made me think about why I want to achieve my financial goals, not just how to achieve financial goals.


I didn’t know what to expect when first staring the course but I was surprised at how much detail they went into to help teach solid principles. I actually learned some valuable things that I will use forever.


It was really nice being able to gather all of my financial information into one place and see where I currently stand. It also helped me see way beyond the here and now and focus on my long-term financial and personal goals. Loved it.


Your Potential

Amazing things happen when pure learning and smart banking connect.


One-on-one coaching that inspires financial greatness.